GoNexus360 is a medium through which SMEs are connecting themselves to the World across 360 degrees to market their brand. GoNexus360 is a Brand Marketing agency based in Pune and has a range of services that will help the business to grow its market beyond its niche.
The venture started in mid-2014 with 5 verticals and managed to grow its business to 15 verticals within the time period of 18 months. GoNexus360 has managed to work with respected brands from diverse sectors.
GoNexus360 was awarded “Marketing Startup of the Year” in the year 2015 in Bangalore from Startups World Network for providing Digital Marketing Solutions to SMEs.
GoNexus360 will act as an essential part of your team. Understanding your requirements and offering a solution that works will be a primary goal of GoNexus360.
The firm has successfully accomplished the goals set by its clients and is happy to offer Brand Marketing services to its clientele and make them compete with their competitors in their respective niche.
Are you ready to compete in your Niche? Yes? Contact GoNexus360 to discover a perfect solution to your business needs. As name ‘GoNexus360’ rightly states, “Go and Connect to the World Across 360 degrees”. Similarly, grow your business across 360 degrees with “GoNexus360 – A Solution for your Business Needs.”

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Neeraj Modani, a MBA in Information Technology from Coventry University, United Kingdom gave a thought of creating an organization which can offer the solutions that every business is in need off.
Having a career in Digital Marketing arena helped him to understand the need of future and brought out the concept of providing the services of Digital Marketing to the SMEs who cannot afford to compete with the giants within their niche with budget constraint.
He always wanted to create an organization which can be the final stop to its clientele for all the business requirements. So, apart from providing Digital Marketing services, he also thought of introducing services like software development and Change Management – which was a new concept into Indian Market.
From the day of penning down the concept of GoNexus360 till date, Neeraj Modani has been engaged in creating a brand that can be an essential part of every organizations board.
Because of all his efforts, GoNexus360 was recognized as Marketing Startup of the Year in 2015 for providing Digital Marketing Solutions to SMEs.

GoNexus360 believes in giving back to the society and deliver good deeds to the people in need. From the day of Formation, GoNexus360 has always tried to extend the helping hand to the needy.
The first CSR activity was for the typhoon affected people in Philippines. The donation was made by providing them one month of food to a family in the city of Cebu, Philippines.
Since 2015, GoNexus360 has been part of NGO, ReBirth Foundation in creating awareness in Organ Donation in the city of Pune. We have been part of many awareness programs organized by ReBirth.
GoNexus360 has been giving 10% of its earnings from every client for its CSR activities. Together with it, a future plan of creating a charitable trust for providing education and health to needy children is also on the list of GoNexus360 Corporate Social Responsibility plan.