Every design speaks for itself – an object, entity, activity or even a Brand. A perfect design creates visual impact which can be traced on the mind for a long time. It is often said, first impression is the last impression. It takes hardly few seconds to create the required impression, and that too long lasting impression.

With proper attention seeking designs, it is necessary to have logical and meaningful design. Every aspect of the design standard should be critically considered in order to get the design right in all facets. There is one basic rule of designing which should be followed effectively to get quality results.

So, what is this basic rule of Brand Designing?

The Golden Ratio – The ratio is an irrational number with a non-terminating decimal value of 1.618. It is represented by the Greek Alphabet ɸ (phi). The golden ratio is typically taken as the ratio between the lines of different lengths along with the ratio of the sum of the lengths of both the lines to the length of the longest line between them. The ratio is considered to the ideal ratio for the designing and has been used by various architects and designers.

The golden ratio is calculated by a simple formula: a/b = a+b/a = 1.618; where ‘a’ and ‘b’ are two lines whose ratio is calculated by the sum of ‘a’ and ‘b’ to the ratio of the length of the longest line.

Why the golden ratio is considered to be so special in the designing arena? The golden ratio can be found almost everywhere, from centre of sunflower to the features of the human face to even from the spikes of the pine cones. Even subconsciously, we look at the things that have golden ratio in it. Factually, golden ration is everywhere and for certain reasons we have an attraction for the shapes and structures which has golden ratio present in it.

Even the ancient architecture and drawings, golden ratio was used in order to make the things look more attractive and pleasing to the human eyes. The famous Mona Lisa painting or even the Eiffel Tower or even the Great Pyramid of Giza followed the Golden ratio of design.

Golden Ratio in Graphic Designing



  1. Golden Ratio in Design Layout: In graphic designing, the layout is vital aspect. The proportion of the height and width and also the division of the page in the right proportion wherever required, makes a big difference. So, for the perfect work of graphic design, your layout should be perfect. And to make it look perfect, Golden ratio can be used. The height and width ratio can be set to 1.618 which can further divide the length of the page according to the golden ratio which can further divide the sections perfectly.
  2. Golden ratio in spacing: In every design, the presence of the white space is as important as the presence of the designing elements within the graphics. A great looking design is only possible if extra care is taken at the spacing of the elements. But certain times, white space can even give a negative look to the design. So, it is important to understand how you place the design elements in order to look great and to avoid the negative white spaces. With the help of Golden ratio, the designer can easily place the right element at the right place.
  3. Golden ratio of Design in Typography: Text placement in the design is very imperative. When the designer is dealing with the placement of text in the graphics, the challenge appears when placement of the text make the design look cluttered. Using the right size text helps to differentiate different parts of design giving the importance to each text with equal visibility. Golden ratio can play an important role in deciding the size of the text as per the design.
  4. Golden ratio in Logo design: Logo represents a brand. It is an identity for every brand in the niche. There are thousands of logos one notice everyday, but there are very few logos that can be remembered because of its unique design. A perfect logo can be designed only if elements of golden ratio are used in the designing, such as; golden triangle, golden circle, etc., these golden shapes can be very helpful in designing a perfect shaped logo which can look attractive.

The use of Golden Ratio 1.618 can be very helpful to solve critical designing issues; if used brilliantly. Every graphic which is designed with the Golden ratio has zero defects in terms of alignment, spacing and text along with the WOW factor which every viewer wants.