The year 2020 was once considered to be the opportunistic year of the decade. The visionaries quoted the year as a ‘dream fulfillment’ year and the first step towards the vision 2050. But, the year started with a bad news of pandemic of Covid-19 – the Corona Virus. The spread was not limited to a country or a continent, but it took the control of the entire world. Millions of people across the globe got infected with it and even the death rate increased. The businesses got affected, trades between the countries came to a halt and a wave of negativity spread across the mankind. But as rightly said, every coin has two sides. Similarly, every situation in life has two sides – Positive and Negative.

In the famous sport of Formula One, there is a concept of ‘pit stop’ in which a small halt is taken in order to service and fuel the car. It helps the vehicle to perform better and rejuvenates the driver with a quick break. Similarly, a pit stop has been applied to the human beings from their extremely busy and competitive life.

Though, the current situation of Covid-19 is spreading problems to the lives of billions of people, at the same time if taken, it is an opportunistic time for people. Covid-19 is a pit stop to our lives. It is a rejuvenating time for everyone, but it depends on how you like to spend it – being worried only about the present or having an approach to utilise the time effectively for a better future and a creative today. The way we have seven colors of rainbow, we have seven positives of the Covid-19 pit stop

1. Me Time: In the very hectic and competitive life schedule, people have got an opportunity to take out some time for themselves. Developing hobbies or resuming the old left-out hobbies has helped them to have a ‘Me time’. It has been a reliving experience and has refreshed the lives.

2. Business in-search: The immediate effect of Covid-19 is going to create a negative impact on the near future. Job losses, recession and many more disruptions are waiting for people outside the door. Working on the new business concepts is the trend of the season. People have started working on creating new business models which can be executed after the lockdown period, helping themselves to generate livelihood.

3. Family Time: It has been ages for people to spend quality time with family members. The Covid-19 lockdown has made people stay home with their family members. The busy parents have got time with their kids, while the youngsters got opportunity to spend time with their old-aged grandparents.

4. Business Opportunities: Many of the stand-alone businesses have gone online to expand their business reach. People have started thinking out-of-the-box which has allowed them generate the income during the tough market times.

5. New-age Learning method: Webinars, Online courses, Video conferencing has been a new mode of learning. From schools, organizations, professional institutes, et al, have adapted the technology to teach to their targeted audiences. It has been a new way to connect and learn.

6. New-age work model: ‘Work from Home’ model has been accepted by industry. People have started accepting that work can be executed with minimal infrastructure. Not just the Information Technology sector, the old horse in the ‘Work from Home’ model, but many other sectors have adapted the model to execute regular business workings.

7. Importance to Personal hygiene: Personal hygiene has never been more important to many as it has become today, and adapted it in their day-to-day life.

This Covid-19 situation has presented many challenges to us. The flip part of the coin has given us an opportunity to learn, manage and execute our personal and professional lives effectively. The time will change post pandemic situation. keeping ourselves ready for the next big challenge is the only option we have. Staying home and staying safe is the current call in the pandemic situation.

Stay home, stay safe, and stay innovative and creative.